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Since her earliest memories, Raven has had a very active imagination, or, what she calls, "the perks of being the youngest child."

Example of "the perks"

Her imagination only grew with time and eventually transformed into a deep love of film, television, theatre and fashion. She never hesitated to explore her creative side when given the opportunity.

During her freshman year at Kent State University, she found her outlet in Broadcast Journalism, Production and Fashion Media-- a major that combined all of her passions.

While there, she also discovered that she had developed a love of storytelling. No matter the genre, she considers herself a consummate storyteller, both behind and in front of the camera.

Raven is currently telling stories through radio as a producer and digital content producer. When not at work, she actively seeks out projects that foster her growth as a storyteller in other mediums of media or somewhere laughing with friends during brunch with mimosas!

Welcome, Raven! We can't wait to amplify your voice!

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