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Meet RCQ Eleanor

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Eleanor grew up an avid reader, tv watcher and self-proclaimed theater kid. Now working in bank operations, she is still happiest experiencing and discussing stories.


Eleanor grew up surrounded by educators, artists and storytellers and has always been a lover of stories in all forms—from books and music to theater, film, television and beyond. She is fascinated by the power of story and its ability to take us out of our own world, while also giving us the tools we need to live in it.


As an adult, stories still provide Eleanor with many gifts —an escape when the world becomes overwhelming, a close friend when she feels alone and confidence when she needs faith in herself and others. More often than not, visiting old favorites reminds her of the lessons she learned and gain new perspective.

Eleanor's current role in bank operations provides her with little opportunity for creativity and during the pandemic, stories —particularly television— have been a haven for her. When not at work, she can be found in movie theaters, reading in parks and coffee shops, or at home binge watching television in her pajamas. She is excited to learn the experiences of other womxn in media and share as a member of the Reel Culture Queens community.

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