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Meet RCQ Clancy

Women’s history month may have come to close for 2020, but the spirit still continues. Meet RCQ Clancy!

Clancy is a video strategist and producer with a background in documentary filmmaking. Her work has led her to a lot of interesting places and, on separate occasions, has found her filming Olympic gold medalists, while on a small crawfishing boat in the Louisiana Bayou, while scuba diving in a shark tank, and while tethered to a 5-story domed train station.

She has a knack for breaking down ambiguous creative ideas into logistical next steps so that the process is calm, on time and under budget. She believes that showing audiences different places and ways of life reminds them to be empathetic global citizens.

Clancy believes that everyone has a unique story and perspective and telling that story boldly helps build a better society that is aware, compassionate and full of wonder.

Welcome, Clancy! We can't wait to amplify your voice!

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