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Meet RCQ Ariel

Ariel Mary Ann is an artist, activist, and soon-to-be college graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she fostered an appreciation of the arts at a young age through musicals, such as Annie and The Wiz. Her upbringing didn’t allow her to explore the world of performing until she was a senior in high school, where she took part in Project 38, an educational outreach program through Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. 

During her adolescence, Ariel struggled with gender identity and finding her place in the world as a young, black gender-confused child. It wasn't until her first semester of college in 2016 where she found the language and found her truth in the word ‘transgender’.

At that point, she began her transition journey where she has documented her experiences as a black woman through social media platforms, including her blog, Diary of a Mad Black Trans Girl, and through the world of theatre as both a playwright and actor. Ariel, who will become the first in her family graduate from college this spring, hopes to leave behind a legacy where everyone can live their truth despite what people might say and push back against the assumptions of the majority.

Welcome, Ariel! We can't wait to amplify your voice!

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