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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The future is female and we’d like to introduce you to our youth contributor and playwright, Anne!

Anne is currently a senior at Anderson High School and her Shero is Aija Mayrock, a spoken word artist and social justice activist. She feels fortunate that her school has arts education offered within her environment and is actively involved in their theatre and film program, which further fosters her love and appreciation for the arts.

In 2019 she wrote a musical with her best friend Jenna Achtien called “The Light Hero,” which they submitted to @cincyfringe. She and Jenna are both incredibly passionate about creating opportunities for authentic mental health education, which was a driving force behind the musical. Anne has anxiety and wants to let other teens like her know they are not alone.

We are so excited to share and highlight the incredibly creative work that Anne is doing for the arts and mental health awareness!

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