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Getting REALLY reel with RCQ Raven

It's our one year anniversary and, in honor of that milestone, we decided to get really reel with the Queens all month long!

Get to know RCQ Raven in 16 questions or less in, Get to Know a Queen.

Q:What’s your hometown?

A: Born and raised in Cincinnati.

Do you have any siblings?

A: Three older sisters, I'm the baby lol!

Q:Do you have any pets?

A: No, but I really want a long-haired Dachshund, and name it Pretzel. This is 5-year-old Raven's idea, and I'm backing her up!

Q:What was your first concert?

A: I saw Drake, I was late to the concert game.

Q:What was your first movie?

A: Probably something Disney...

Q:What’s your favorite 90s sitcom?

A: My mom said I was obsessed with Sister, Sister!

Q:What TV show cast would you join and why?

A: Sticking with the 90's theme, I would have loved to be in A Different World cast. They touched on so many important topics that needed to be discussed. Both then and now, and they didn't shy away from it. Then the fashion... hello?! The cast over the years was star packed, not just with names but the talent as well.  Also, I was meant to go to college in the 90s lol. 

Q:What is one thing you've learned this year (about yourself or the world)?

A: I have to continue to give myself grace because I'm still healing, growing and evolving.

Q: Weirdest moments you’ve had in your home since COVID?

A: Breaking out in full performance at any given moment! TV scene, movie scene, musical, or Tik Tok. Full force. Lights. Camera. Action. I know I'm not the only one.

RCQ Raven is a broadcast journalist, digital content producer and contributor at

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