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Getting Really Reel with RCQ Dara

It's our one year anniversary and, in honor of that milestone, we decided to get really reel with the Queens all month long!

Get to know RCQ Dara in 16 questions or less in, Get to Know a Queen.

Q: What’s your hometown?

A: "My home[state] is Ohio, by way of Georgia, Virginia and Illinois."

Do you have any siblings?

A: "I have a younger brother named Jay."

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: "I have five crazy fur babies named Cami, Jules, Garfield DeShawn, Stan and Sabrina. Gone but not forgotten, Tink."

Q: What’s your favorite movie or play?

A: "My favorite movie is ever evolving but a mainstay is Ordinary People. I’m an OG RENT head and I love the Bard [Theater]. Live theatre is a bop regardless."

Q: What was your first concert?

A: "My first concert was Bobby Brown, New Edition and Al B. Sure when I was eight in Virginia."

Q: What TV show cast would you join and why?

A: "I would join the cast of Community and/or AP Bio because these cats are hilarious and it be a lot of fun."

Q: What's your favorite 90s sitcom?

A: "My favorite 90s sitcom is Herman's Head. It was smart, very funny and ahead of its time. I wish it got more love. I was a weird kid, LOL!"

Q: Have you been out of the country?

A: "I've been to Canada twice."

Q: Where would you go if it was ok to travel?

A: "If it was okay to travel, I would go visit a friend in Colorado."

Q: What is one thing you've learned this year (about yourself or the world)?

A: "What have I learned in 2020? We are living in the darkest timeline but we are resilient and will come out okay in the end, I hope."

RCQ Dara is a critic, writer and contributor at

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