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Getting REALLY Reel with RCQ Clancy

It's our one year anniversary and, in honor of that milestone, we decided to get really reel with the Queens all month long!

Get to know RCQ Clancy in 16 questions or less in, Get to Know a Queen.

Q:What’s your hometown?

A: Joliet, Illinois and Oxford, Ohio.

Q:Do you have any siblings?

A: One really awesome younger sister Agnes (who lives in England!).

Q:Do you have any pets?

A: I'm currently scouring Pet Finder for a dog, but I take care of my mom shitzu Jack too.

Q:What’s your favorite movie or play?

A: Toy Story!

Q:What was your first concert?

A: My first concert on my own was Blink182. I love the drums and at that concert (Travis Barker, one of the best drummers ever) rose out of the crowd on a platform with his drums. It made an impression.

Q:Who is your favorite actor/actress?

A: I don't have one but lately I've been diggin' Zoey Deutch. She seems to have it going on.

Q:What TV show cast would you join and why?

A: I thought hard about this and think I'd personally do well with a slow-burn intellectual drama like Mindhunter or True Detective. I think under this shy and kind thing going on, I could leverage some real freaky complex emotions... muahaha!

Q:What is one thing you've learned this year (about yourself or the world)?

A: That there's not really rules to anything at the end of the day, you just have to inform yourself the best way that you can as you make decisions in life, and keep your mind open to better ways of doing it. If you're in a certain industry and have a certain role, but you switch companies, that company will have a different way of doing what you thought was the industry standard. That doesn't mean what you learned before is useless, it's just different. When you start realizing that's the case with everyone from phone company representatives, bosses, doctors, etc. you learn how to communicate better. I just say "here's what's going on, here's what I want to achieve. Does that make sense? Am I missing anything? Thanks for helping me through this..."

Q:Have you been out of the country?

A: Yes! I've been very blessed to go a lot of different places, but I also work hard so that I can. It's my favorite thing to do.

Q:Where would you go if it was ok to travel?

A: I would fly to see my sister in the UK, then travel with her by train to Paris and then Italy. I also want to take my mom on a trip to New Orleans soon. 

Q:Weirdest moments you’ve had in your home since COVID?

A: When my partner Nick and I start dancing, especially to made up songs. He has a fake "album" he's making based on songs he make up randomly, and sometimes we sing and dance to it.

Q:What's your favorite way to connect during COVID?

A: Emails and snail mail! Emails: I like typing thoughtful replies on a platform where you're expected to reply fairly quickly, but not immediately. Emails should be more popular for social messages. Snail mail is just cool and feels so good to send and receive.

Q:What’s your favorite podcast?

A: Spooked! (Season 5 just started!)

Q:What’s your favorite book?

A: My favorite book, lately, is The Truth by Michael Palin (A thoughtful novel by a Monty Python).

RCQ Clancy is a documentary filmmaker, video strategist, producer and contributor at

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