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Dara's Quarantine quibbles

What a difference a month makes. I have Cerebral Palsy, which affects my mobility and contributes to the respiratory issues I often deal with. So, the news of COVID-19's U.S. arrival hit my radar with an anxiety-inducing thud.

Prior to the virus’s arrival, things in my life were looking up-- I finally started an entertainment/pop culture podcast called What Would Dara Watch?, speaking opportunities were lining up and I began working on my website. I was teetering on feeling happy, which is a journey for me, but that story is for another piece.

Before the stay home order was enacted in Ohio, I went on a belated honeymoon trip to Florida and entered the Disney Bubble. What is a "Disney Bubble?" It is the utter euphoria I experienced during my week-long trip, where the outside world was a faraway thought.

Proof of said magic

Everyone was kind and genuine. Kids were being kids, even tantrums were endearing as children morphed into mini litigators, negotiating for $27 Disney character toys. I commend those little ones because their arguments were impressive and surprisingly effective! The park was very accessible and welcoming to those with disabilities. I love traveling, but it can be very stressful and often dampens the experience when inaccessible spaces are high in number.

There were so many cultures and levels of ability represented at Disney World that it was simply lovely, a breath of fresh air. I’m not on Disney’s payroll, in case you were wondering, but I will give kudos when they are due.

The trip was the first week of March and we drove, as the thought of flying made us trepidacious knowing that COVID-19 was already taking a foothold in other parts of the world. When we arrived back home in Ohio, the reality hit us that we were in for a stay-cation--a long one-- which made me all the more appreciative of the time we had at Disney. I hold on to the memories of all the people we interacted with and the fun that was had during that trip and look forward to our eventual return.

My Hubby and I

Since then, I've been keeping my spirits up with an assortment of creative activities including solo dance parties in my living room and watching lots of movies, including new ones, such as The Invisible Man and The Hunt.

I miss going to a movie theater, but I am grateful to have the opportunity to see the newer titles from home and being given the opportunity to connect with you at RCQ. I don’t take opportunities for granted and I look forward to making you smile, stay connected and enjoy the movies.

Dara Cosby is a contributor at and all-around Pop Culture Goddess, where her infectious joy and deep knowledge of film can be found on Twitter at @DaraRenee81.

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