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RCQ Contributors is a space for creative womxn in media to write about their experiences in the industry and share their creative viewpoints. 

Why Contributors?

As storytellers and creatives, we wanted to create a platform for womxn creatives, especially for those whose perspectives are marginalized. Creators in this space discuss the art of storytelling and how race, gender, ability and sexuality is depicted within media; television, film, theatre and radio.

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Assia, co-host, writer, editor-in-chief
IG: @micheaux
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Kait, co-host, actress, editor
IG: @kaitstay
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 RCQ Ariel Headshot.jpg
 RCQ Clancy Headshot.jpg
IG: @calkinkc13
RCQ Raven Headshot.jpg
IG: @ravennevar_
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RCQ Dara Headshot.jpg
IG: @multiculturalsolutionsllc
IG: drc81
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